Art. 3798G

T-FAL® Soffit joint profile Gel 10-LG

Short description:

Plastering strip with elastic lip for sticking to window or door frames in order to form straight soffits on plaster. The gel adhesive tape absorbs large movements between the plaster and the window/door frame, the flexible peel-off strips with double-sided adhesive tape are used for clean adhesion of the protective film.


Product description


Self-adhesive soffit joint profile with an elastic lip, a flexible peel-off strip and transparent gel adhesive tape.
The lip gives the look of a permanently elastic joint. Soiling of the Gel adhesive tape is thus prevented. The necessary ongoing protection of the foam adhesive tape against UV radiation is thus likewise guaranteed. Sealing with a permanently elastic sealant (acrylic, silicone, etc.) is not necessary. The additional peel-off strips with double-sided adhesive tape allow for clean adhesion of the protective film. Notching of the otherwise rigid peel-off strips at the fittings is not required. The use of additional adhesive tapes is no longer necessary.

Please read the processing instructions for T-FAL® Soffit joint profiles.

For the areas of use of the T-FAL®soffit joint profiles, refer to the current T-FAL® application table.


  • 12 cm of fabric strips (4 × 4 mm mesh)
  • Elastic lip
  • Rigid peel-off strip
  • 10 mm wide
  • 3 mm gel adhesive tape (transparent)


  • Visually appealing plaster joint
  • > 4 mm three-dimensional movement absorption
  • UV-resistant thanks to the elastic lip
  • Airtight, driving rain proof (windproof) and durable gel adhesive tape

Product data

  Art.-No. Length Packaging Unit: Pallet Unit:
  3798G250 250 cm 60 bars / bundle = 150 rm 30 bundles / pallet = 4500 rm



Technical data sheet

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Processing instructions

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Audit report ift 11-000668-PR03

Air tightness, Driving rain impermeability, Durability
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